Guidebook and Good Practices EN

Our Smallholders Sustainable Development Guidebook and Compendium of Good Practices are practical guides for anyone involved in small holdings (growers, educators, farmers etc) Our Guides break down and contextualises the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) making them relevant and achievable at a smallholder farming level. In both resources, but especially our Compendium of Good Practices, we share learning and experiences in key SDG themes such as: Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Health, Food Waste, Climate and Environment and Innovative Technologies.

How you will Benefit:

The Guides will help you embrace sustainable smallholder development and apply learning from across Europe in a practical sense. By downloading and using our Guides you will:

  • Increase your knowledge of sustainability practices
  • Build your understanding of the implications of sustainability/climate change at several levels but especially with a focus on smallholder/local communities
  • Be motivated to embrace sustainable development and implement new or improved approaches
  • Increase your skills and knowledge to become an empowered sustainability changemakers with the ability and confidence to share their learning with other smallholder farmers
Guidebook to Sustainable Development Goals
Compendium of Good Practices