Open Education Resources

Our Heritage Value of Smallholder Produce Open Education Resources (OERs) is a new, free and open access training model that curates different areas of knowledge and skills development in the very specific needs of smallholder adult learners. These needs include; crippling challenges and disadvantages due to the small size of their operations, weak technical capacity, high vulnerability to risks and lack of capital. Our INNOVATIVE focus on heritage/local value of produce and presentation of consumer trends, provides smallholders with the tools and knowledge they need to improve their market access and negotiate better sales deals – ultimately improving the viability and sustainability of their smallholdings.

Designed by small holders and food sector specialists, and based on the very latest innovation approaches, the Open Education Resources give trainers and smallholders new content to upskill both their food production knowledge and entrepreneurship skills. Equipped with this up-to-date knowledge, smallholders will be able to capitalise on niche market opportunities and start to grow or secure their businesses. Importantly, it will simultaneously empower ethical consumers with wider and more appropriate food choices to meet their needs.

Who will benefit from this course?

Smallholder Produce Open Education Resources will impact the following participants:

  • Organisations providing Adult Education and Training to Small Holders, and food start-up entrepreneurs
  • Small Holders themselves a
  • Heritage Food networks at regional, national and EU levels
  • Policy makers in terms of public health and economic development

Our Open Education Resources will enable an increase in the entrepreneurial ability of smallholders to understand consumer trends, assess and market the value of their heritage produce and increase the overall viability and sustainability of their smallholdings. They will also increase the recognition of the role of adult education in achieving market-led product & innovation training for small food producers across the EU.

Let’s get started. It’s easy.

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