After the arrival of spring, the farmers who acquired the horticultural culture from their parents, cultivate in sandy areas, which were formerly beach sandbanks, the valued tomato from El Perelló.

The beach sand on which the tomato plants sink their roots is the secret that gives that peculiarity to the tomatoes from El Perelló: an inert soil that filters water with which the plants are irrigated, and that, being at sea level, has several mineral salts that the plant converts into sugars, give the tomatoes their powerful flavour.

El Perelló tomato is the brand and, under its umbrella, different varieties of tomatoes are grown: Valencian, raff, round, chocolate cherry, pear, and pink tomato.

Organic tomatoes, 100% natural, are already grown inside a Natural Park where the use of pesticides and other chemical products that can harm the environment and our health is prohibited.