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The Sustainable Smallholders Project Transnational Partner Meeting in Nitra

November 2, 2022  by Val Robus  european projects  erasmus plus, Erasmus Plus Project, Momentum educate + innovate, Sustainable, Sustainable Small Holders, Transnational Partner Meeting   We were delighted to be able to meet in person recently with the partners for the Sustainable Smallholders Project recently. The meeting took place in the beautiful city of Nitra, Slovakia. We’d like to say a huge thanks to

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Tomatoes from El Perelló: Caviar from Ribera Baixa

After the arrival of spring, the farmers who acquired the horticultural culture from their parents, cultivate in sandy areas, which were formerly beach sandbanks, the valued tomato from El Perelló. The beach sand on which the tomato plants sink their roots is the secret that gives that peculiarity to the tomatoes from El Perelló: an

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Small Farms in Europe: Viable but Underestimated

Small Farms in Europe: Viable but Underestimated Small farms are a crucial element of the European agricultural system. They produce most of the healthy and diverse food that we eat every day, they provide local jobs and sustain rural activities, and they secure the resilience of our food system. Nevertheless, across Europe small farms are

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Five ideas to help your smallholding pay its way

Managing a smallholding can be the realisation of a lifelong dream and open the door to a more sustainable way of life. With all the hard work that goes into it, in addition to the costs of starting a small farming business, generating a bit of income from your smallholding can be a great way

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